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About Lithuania

Lithuania overview page

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Republic of Lithuania. The capital is Vilnius.

European state located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Neighbor states: Latvia, Belarus, Russian Federation. Geographic data: The total area of ​​the state is 65,200 square kilometers, equal to Ireland and slightly larger than Latvia, Denmark and Belgium. The sea coast of Lithuania stretches for 99 kilometers. The highest point is Mount Juozapine (294 meters above sea level). Lithuania rightfully belongs to one of the most picturesque states: 758 rivers, more than 3000 lakes and 5 magnificent national parks. It is noteworthy that according to the French National Geographic Institute, the geographical center of Europe is located 25 kilometers north of Vilnius. Climate Mild maritime. In the center and east of the state, continental. Nature generously endowed Lithuania and created unique conditions on its territory – a natural health resort for people with diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Lithuania is the southernmost country in the Baltics and enjoys a pleasant maritime climate. Clean pine air, snow-white sandy beaches, excellent cuisine, excellent beer, similar to local amber, original culture and deep traditions. Population: 2,950,000 of them live on the territory of the state, in large cities: Vilnius – 457,000, Kaunas – 334,000 and Klaipeda – 208,000 people. The empirical population density is in the range of 55 people per square meter. The main ethnic groups are: Lithuanians, 83.7%, Russians, 5.3%, Poles, 6.6%, Belarusians, 1.5% and Ukrainians, 1.2%. The state language is Lithuanian, however, a significant part of the population is fluent in Russian and Polish. Local residents are fluent in Russian and treat all visitors with great hospitality. Religion: Population Catholic Christians. Currency, Lithuanian lit. The Lithuanian banknote is pegged to the euro, 1 euro is equal to 3.45 litas. Lithuanian is one of the oldest Indo-European languages, most closely related to Sanskrit. Most likely, that is why the nature of Lithuanian relations is somewhat similar to the East: strong family ties (many Lithuanian enterprises are family-owned), cordiality and hospitality, respect for guests. By the way, the portion size in local restaurants clearly reflects how “hospitable” the locals are, so only a hero can do a standard portion and can satisfy the needs of at least two people. Despite their measured and predictable nature, almost all Lithuanians are huge romantics. The beauty of nature, clean air, fertile lands and cheerful people are the main motifs of Lithuanian poems and songs. Spring is the time of true Lithuanian character. At this time, holidays and festivals are held throughout Lithuania, captivating in their scope and beauty of national folklore. Sale of real estate in Lithuania. When you decide to buy your own real estate in Lithuania, you get a double benefit: a beautiful house, an apartment and a residence permit. One of the main advantages offered by the purchase of real estate in Lithuania is the opportunity to own real estate in one of the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement. At the moment, buying real estate in Lithuania is an attractive investment for citizens of other countries, especially for Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. It is the Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians who are the most active investors, and with great pleasure acquire both residential and commercial real estate. The reasons that stimulate interest in Lithuania are quite diverse, however, we suggest studying them more carefully. Real estate prices in Lithuania are among the most affordable, while the quality of new buildings is not inferior to Europe. When buying residential or commercial real estate, foreign citizens receive a Lithuanian visa, which entitles them to free movement in the Schengen countries. Natural wealth, clean air, beautiful seaside resorts and mild climate. The possibility of acquiring residential and commercial properties in historical reserves (Trakai real estate) is an excellent investment and constant rental income. A simplified scheme for registering and registering real estate, as well as the minimum percentage of tax collection (only 1%), can save significant funds on re-registration.

The sale of houses in Lithuania is a profitable and dynamically developing business, since the investment attractiveness of the country is ensured by loyal legislation and an excellent attitude towards foreign investors. Luxury real estate has always been a great investment. Like a work of art, over the years it does not become cheaper and becomes even more liquid and attractive. Today, real estate in the Baltics is a profitable investment, the ongoing economic crisis has significantly adjusted prices. The current unstable situation in world markets keeps prices low. The Lithuanian real estate market remains one of the most attractive in Europe. The desire to purchase a house or apartment is associated with plans to obtain a residence permit.

The state of Lithuania is not

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